Meet the “the Boat Show” artist Sun. Aug. 18

I’m at Arts Place, Sunday, August 18 from 2 – 4 pm.  Drop by and see the entire exhibition in person and have a chat about the work.  Below is a slide show of selected work and installation views.  For directions to the Gallery go to    Other times to view the exhibition are Thursday – Sunday, 12 – 4:30 pm.  The exhibition continues through Sept. 15.  doug

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As a visual artist, I draw, print-make and paint in oils and watercolour, but the main style in which I’ve worked my entire arts career is assemblage.  Assemblage is an artistic process that consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.

For this project I decided to interpret what I was ‘seeing’ through found materials, beach debris & paint.

The visual impact of living in Port Colborne, a  block from Lock 8 and it’s constant parade of ‘boats’ as well as the close proximity to the harbour, Gravelly Bay and Lake Erie provides one with a kaleidoscope of visual impressions and creative ideas. As I got to know Port Colborne and surrounding environs after moving here in 2007, I realized that what was stimulation for me as a visual artist (the Welland Canal, the lake and the boats), has been and continues to be, a major stimulus for creativity to the entire local arts community.

Welcome to ‘The Boat Show’.

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  1. Doug is a fine bassist and singer and I am so glad to have worked with him in 1970s thru 1984 in various bands and in the honkeytonk S and venues ,dances around southern Ontario . Now to see his art work is getting so much appreciation is just a positive in the universe!!!

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