1991 -1995, The Hammer Gallery

The Hammer Gallery, 10 James Street North, Hamilton, Ontario.
3rd Floor!  It was a long way up from the street to carry your art up those wide steep steps to the Gallery.  And home to Denise Lisson & Jim Mullin, proprietors.  Jim & Denise gave me a lot of  encouragement to continue my creative efforts in the use of found material in the context of ‘fine art’ painting & sculpture.  After the loss of my mentor and friend Gordon T. White, I had lost my sense of direction and was not doing much creatively.  And they provided opportunity after opportunity to exhibit my work in their many group shows and with in a solo show, “Under The Gun”.  And as well 2-man exhibition with Jim Mullin, for which we made 5 of the pieces by exchanging them several times and doing our own ‘thing’ to them, “Conspiracies”.  I played there as well at one their bashes with my blues band at that time, “Willie Lee & The Stingrays”.  All that and always a good crowd and always good times!

Group Shows:

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