1999: “Be Afraid”

In 1999 Doug, well known in the Hamilton area arts community with using found materials in his visual art was asked by the Art Gallery of Hamilton to put together an exhibition that would be part of the series of exhibitions they were organizing that would comment on the up coming ‘Millennium’ change. He was asked to find local artists that noticeably used found materials in their work.  As well as himself artists Ray Cinovskis, Chriseddy, Chris Hartnett, Brian Kelly & Jim Mullin were enlisted to put new work together that would concentrate on the concept of using discarded computers and related peripheries along with other found materials as well as traditional visual art materials to recycle recent obsolete technology especially in regard to the rumour spreading widely during 1999 that all computers would fail at midnight December 31, 1999 because the time keeping system they all used would not be able to turn over from 1999 to 2000.  The series was called “ Countdown to the Millennium” Carter’s exhibition was titled “Be Afraid” and was the second in the 6 part series.

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