2011 Cultural Debris the Exhibition

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Cultural Debris:  A Flea Market Art Exhibit”was presented by the Niagara Artists Centre at their Factory Outlet Flea Market Gallery in St. Catharines, Ontario over the summer of 2011.  NAC had approached me about doing an exhibition mostly using things found in flea markets.  “Cultural Debris, the exhibit, is a collection of work created by manipulating and assembling objects I found in Niagara’s largest emporium of cast-off goods, the Factory Outlet Flea Market. It was a veritable archaeological dig into the past several decades of Western pop culture.  The exhibit responds to a range of considerations including the waste generated by a throw-away society of material consumerists as well as the redolence and nostalgia that lost objects hold.  It was shown again at the James North Studio, Hamilton, Ontario in April 2012.  As well as my pieces the slide show contains photos showing some of the content of a few of the many, many stalls.

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